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For an appointment

Call/text 503-701-7044




  • Trims
  • Shoe pulling
  • Boot fitting


Bare Feet by Katy serves the following Oregon areas:

·         Portland and vicinity

·         Gorge communities west of The Dalles

·         Willamette Valley and Roseburg area

·         Southwest Washington.

A trip fee based on distance travelled may apply.


Trims are available for all types, sizes and ages of horses and donkeys. Rates vary according to size. Draft horses may be referred to Barefeet by Jesse.


Policies & Payment

  • Payment accepted via cash, check or credit card. Square Cash is also available. Payment is due at time of service.
  • 24 hr appointment cancellation required. A no-show fee will be charged otherwise.
  • Not responsible for the misbehaviors of your horse. An additional fee may be charged for correcting bad behavior or injury.*



Why Go Natural?

The horse’s foot finds it natural shape and balance in the wild. No shoes, no artificial angles. Natural hoof care is modeled after wild horses and their ability to keep their hooves healthy and strong while moving across their terrain foraging for food. A natural-shaped hoof helps promotes a healthy leg, better overall balance, and a more fluid gait.


How is the Natural Hoof Different?

The natural hoof care trim differs from a traditional trim for shoes in that the sole is left largely intact and the heels are lower. A “mustang roll” may be applied as well. The natural trim allows the horse’s hoof wall to flex while absorbing shock. With a correctly applied natural trim the horse can do just about anything* and go anywhere a shod horse can. And unlike a shod horse, you don’t have to worry about lost shoes!


Transitioning Your Horse to Bare Feet

Going from shoes to bare feet is a process that requires some patience. It doesn’t happen with the first trim. It may also require some attention to your horse’s nutritional health and how you plan to

use your horse during the transition. Your horse’s feet may be tender for a few months, in which case hoof boots are a big help in easing any difficulty. All horses are different, and so are their feet. It may take as long as a year to fully transition your horse to going bare, but once there, you won’t go back to shoes!


For an appointment

Call/text 503-701-7044





Recommended Links

Non-Invasive Equine Body Work by Beckie Haynes at

Natural trims, including draft horses by Jesse Schmidt at

Natural Equine Dentistry by Jim Pearce at 360.910.7238.



Katy Banks is an official dealer of the following products:

·         EasyCare boots and accessories

·         Sweet Pro supplements

·         TufFoot hoof conditioner





About Katy

Katy Banks earned her farrier certification from Oregon State University in 2000. She has been practicing natural hoof care since 2005. She lives in The Dalles on the Oregon side of the scenic Columbia Gorge.

Katy Says: “As a former farrier, I converted to natural hoof care in 2005 and haven’t looked back. I am self-studied in the practice of natural hoof care and am grateful for my farrier training. I am constantly learning about horse hoof health to better serve both horse and owner.”


Bare Feet Recommendations

  • Schedule your horse’s trims every 4-6 weeks
  • Feed a good supplement that promotes hoof health
  • Get a good set of hoof boots (Katy recommends EasyBoots)
  • Make sure your horse is well-behaved when having its feet worked on*


Sharing the Knowledge

Katy is available to speak to your riding club or other organization on the topic of hoof health and the natural hoof. Contact her at 503-701-7044 or



Trimming can be a dangerous business for the trimmer. Please make sure your horse/donkey is trained to stand quietly while having its feet worked on. As an owner or handler you are responsible for the safety of the trimmer and the safety and training of your animal. Katy may ask you to correct your horse’s misbehavior and may refuse service if your horse is unmanageable. If you need help in training your horse to stand, or it needs training during the trimming session, Katy reserves the right to charge an additional fee.


Katy Banks and Bare Feet by Katy make no claims as to the curative or restorative aspects of natural hoof trims. Natural trims are not appropriate for some horses and activities. In some cases horses may require shoes for health reasons. Some activities, such as horse racing, are regulated and require horses to wear shoes. If you are in doubt about whether to transition your horse, contact Katy for an evaluation of your horse’s feet, or consult your veterinarian.




Bare Feet by Katy is owned and operated by Katy Banks.

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